Friday, February 5, 2010

These are at Pismo beach this is where we stayed the second night.

I thought this bed was pretty awesome. Didn't the guy on whose the boss have one of these fold out beds?

This was a beach by Solvang we saw a pathway and pulled over we thought we were the only ones there until me and Michael went for a walk to see what was just around the bend and there was a couple of really old men and they happen to be naked. We turned around real quick and stayed on our side. It was 90 degrees and I would have to say the highlight of the trip, and it wasn't because of the naked old men.

The kids were pretty good in the car. Easy cheese, licourice, and a dvd player (Thakyou Em and Toph)
These are all of our pictures taken on our trip to California. We drove the whole way to Mike's Grandma and Grandpa's house in Bakersfield. He is almost 90, and in great shape, his Grandma is full of life and very spunky. When she told me to pick out a treat at the orange store, I told her I like pistachios and I will share with mike. She told me not to tell her what to do and grabbed another bag of pistachios

This was Solvang. The whole town was like this they had a lot of fun shops and some beautiful parks. We stayed here the third night.

I told her I had no idea how to do hair. She said it looked great, but I guessing she fixed when we left.

Trip to California

This is the orange tree in Mike's grandparents back yard