Saturday, November 27, 2010


Trick and treating was a lot of fun. Michael was spiderman and Madalyn was a fairy princess.

Mike and Michael mixing up some witches brew.
Thanks aunt Kathryne for the popcorn balls.
Madalyn with Ava the butterly and Aunt Cathrine
Cora, Madalyn, Owen, Ava, and Michael

It was a little rainy outside, The face paint didn't last.

The pumpkin walk

We went to a huge pumpkin patch, and told Michael he could pick out one as big as he could carry since it was just me and grandma there and a was about a week from being do. He kept walking further out until he shouted" I found it, I found the perfect pumpkin!" It was definantly to big for Michael, but Grandma said she would carry it. Nothing like a grandmas love. this wasn't a problem for Madalyn she picked out the smallest one she could find.

We made googly eye balls out of pudding, jello, and gummy life savers.

Up at the river

The family and I at nine months pregnant

We put in the septic and the well this year, but I can't say I helped out a whole lot. I was a great supervisor though.

The kids put in their two cents worth.

Getting the well dug

Baby Emi (Emily)

I woke up at 6:00 a.m on October 24, 2 days after my due date thinking that I had wet the bed. Disappointed that my pregnancy had finally come to that, I was excited to figure out that my water had partially broke. We took off to the hospital with not much contractions happening. Mike and I relaxed a bit, and I took nap for a while. We watched a few episodes of American pickers while sipping on grape juice with hospital ice, and a couple of popsicles, it was great. They finally gave me pitocin because not much was happening. Things started going and then the rest of my water broke. We didn't relize it hadn't broke all the way, and they figured that was why things were going so slow. I had her about 2 hours later with Mike repeating "Its a girl, its a girl". She weighed 8 lbs even and was 22 inches long. We decided on Emily Evelyn, but often call her Emi.
Thanks Everybody for coming to see us, and for all your help.

Madalyn kept this same proud look on her face the whole first visit. They are pretty excited.
There's that look again.
JoAnna Bischoff
I can't believe there are five of us. This is for real, no fooling around.
Grandma Evelyn
Grandpa Evelyn
Hurray for not being pregnant anymore!
Grandma Phillips
One proud daddy!
Aunt Cathrine
Brian and Irene

Grandpa Evelyn