Monday, September 1, 2014

 Last day of our summer pool pass.  Emi learned how swim well enough to go off the diving board by herself.  She was quite proud.

 The girl in the background did some way awesome dives off the diving board.  
She was very graceful.

Labor Day Weekend
 I know this is a lot of pictures of Emi but she was soaking up all the photo taking while singing "Let it Go the cold never bothered me anyway", over and over again.  She was totally living in the moment.

 I accidentally got trick candles. 
 It took a minute for everyone to figure out what was going on.
 There are so many snails at our house here is some flower/snail are done by Michael

 Jonny loves this pump.  He does it all the time.
 Snail races get pretty intense.  Now they paint different colors on their shells to make sure they don't lose track.
 They found this scorpion at Madalyn's gymnastics class.  Right on the mat.  I guess they are somewhat common in st george, especially with all the rain they got.  We took him home to study him.  Everything was fine until we started reading about him and found out it was an Arizona Bark scorpion.  The most poisonous scorpian in the United States.  He died that day. 

 Michael thought this was hilarious.  The slime was a little trickery to get off then he thought. Gross.
Michael's latest project was this awesome bow and arrow.

Michael's balloon birthday party!
We had cow pies and they were even better than I remember them.

 We did balloon pinatas.  It took awhile to hang them up, but it was worth it.  They took turns being blind folded with a pin.  When they got one the water and candy/toys would dump on them.  It was awesome.  Some of the candy was not as resistant to water as I thought it would be, but the kids didn't seem to mind.

 Balloon painting.