Thursday, May 29, 2014

A walk around the temple

 Lexie, I posted these just in case you were wondering how Madalyn and her doll were getting along.
 The roses at the temple are so pretty, and as you can see they smell sooooo good.
Mike got me a nice camera for my birthday.  It is either the biggest bowling ball gift I have yet received, or it is the gift that keeps on giving because I get great pictures and Mike does all the work.  I haven't decided.
Snow Canyon

The flowers are so pretty.

Michael broke his clavicle doing a crazy move while throwing a water balloon. It doesn't hurt him much anymore.

This is our biggest frog we have ever caught. He was a real beauty.  Mike wanted to eat his legs, but we let it loose.

MADALYN'S Birthday Party

It was an hour of all out craziness, but a lot of fun. There was not a lot of time to stop and take pictures, but I did get a few. Thank you everyone for her great day!


I took the kids to Zions for the day.  Michael found some clay in the water, and we packed it all the way home.   It was a mess, but it was worth it.

I came home from the store with Madalyn and Michael jumped out like a crazy aborigine.  Mikes hand prints are made with mullberries that fall all over our yard.  The kids feet turn purple everyday.  It will be nice when they are out of season.
Baker Dam
This has been our new favorite place to go.

The trees make it look like you are in Africa

The kids found this cool hut out of sticks

It was so green and pretty

 We built this really cool hut in a group of trees. We fix it up a little more every time we go.   It seems like nobody has found it yet.
Memorial Day

We went to Gunlock resivore.  We used our canoe to get to the other side.   We had our own inlet and lots of cliffs to jump off of.  It was a lot of fun.